Attention creatives and artists who want to thrive financially…

Transform Your ‘Money Mindset’ And Create Financial Success from Your Passion

The “key” lies in how you think about money

Dear Artist,

“You’ll end up as a starving artist.”

“Money is dirty.”

“Money is the root of all evil.”

Growing up, how often have you come across sentences like this?

Chances are, you heard these all the time because that’s how our society thinks about money and creativity.

When you tell most people to picture an artist, they imagine someone living in a run down old apartment...

It has become so ingrained in our culture that artists live a life of starvation that we are shocked when we find out there are artists who make great livings creating art.

There are two big problems with that:

Money is a taboo topic for many of us. 

And since we never talk about it, our money skills suffer.

As creatives, the idea that we can’t make money from our creativity becomes ingrained in our brain.

Maybe you even tried to break free from your fate of being a “starving artist”.

You tried selling artwork online…

Started your own business…

Advertised on social media…

But it all was harder than expected. You started facing common problems such as:

Charging less than you are worth.

Feeling like an impostor in your own head.

Comparing yourself and your work to others and feeling discouraged.

Being confused by all the advice out there and not knowing where to start.

Feeling lonely in your journey as a creative.

Knowing you should ask for help but you don’t know where to start.

Now, this might seem far-fetched but…

All these problems have a common cause, a common root.

It’s All Rooted in How You Think, In Your Mindset

Imagine your brain as a plot of land that has a tight fence around it.

All the negative thoughts and limitations you know are located inside the fence.

Across the fence lies a beautiful garden full of freedom, abundance, and prosperity…
But the fence is keeping you from getting there.

The fence is your current mindset. It’s limiting you to what you already know: living on the line of poverty.

Now, thankfully we can widen the fence...and ultimately remove it completely!

How To Adjust Your Mindset

We’ll create a new money mindset for you by finally talking about money! We remove the taboo and talk straight.

Next, we’ll show your brain what abundance, success, prosperity and all those positive things mean to you.

We’ll connect to your subconscious mind - the old and wise part of your brain that is here to protect you. The goal is to get your subconscious mind on board to create a new, fulfilling money mindset for you!

How Do I Know All This?

I often talk about money, and I love money! But I wasn’t always like that…
In 2009 I was in a long-term secure career with a 6-figure salary. But over the course of the next 12 months, I lost my job, my home...I lost everything besides my kids and my dogs!

I had hit absolute rock bottom. At first I struggled to make ends meet. But that’s when I realized I have a choice: I can stay in this misery or grow from it.

So, I left my comfort zone and started my own business. I made all the possible mistakes...

But surprisingly, I learned more from it than at any other time in my life. This extremely difficult time forced me to reconsider how I think about money and my own creativity.

I extracted all the Money Mindset lessons I gained at that time and put them into a comprehensive training for creative women.

It’s designed to meet you where you are and move you to the next stage of your business. Work on how you think and set yourself up for success.

What You’ll Discover Inside The Money Mindset Program:

The program includes video lessons, guided exercises, meditations and downloads. You’ll embark on the journey to transform not only your mindset but also your identity. Because your success is proportional to how you think about yourself.

It’s the program I wished I had when I started out with my first creative business. I understand where you are at and what you are going through because I have been there myself.

So, let me take you by the hand and show you how to create a prosperous creative business and life for yourself.

Right now, you can start transforming your mindset for free by signing up below!

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About Mandy

I’m Mandy and I am a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist and Author. I was a Senior Leader in retail for over 2 decades and founded 4 businesses in the past. Now I run my own coaching brand, Mandy Nicholson, to help creative women leave the ‘starving artist’ mentality behind them and create their ideal lives.
I spent decades in a ‘proper job’ doing well, as many of us creatives do, but with a huge void inside me. In 2009 when I experienced my series of unfortunate events which landed me at rock bottom, I had nothing to lose any more. But I still failed to follow my creative genius and build a business from it…
So, I launched other businesses instead (such as a cleaning business, then a financial services business and finally a wills and estate planning business) These businesses taught me so much, but I still had this void inside me that only creativity could fill.
At last, in 2019, thanks to a loving push from my late husband I stepped into my ‘zone of genius’ and I have never looked back. I wanted to prove that I could make money in the creative space, after all I had been successful everywhere else, and then teach other creative women to do the same.
I now have a thriving and growing 6-figure business with 7-figure goals. I have just bought a 7-bedroomed house in Scotland which I am renovating to host creative retreats and a B&B.
But remember I started 11 years ago at rock bottom and had to work on my mindset first.
It is important to accept where you are now and work on what will make the most difference to you. There was no way I could have invested in an expensive coaching program back then, so I wanted to create an affordable way for women to help themselves with their mindset.
Dip your toe in with my FREE Mini Money Mindset Audio Program (iPhone users will need the Teachable App on their phone)